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New album "Out Of One's Mind" is available NOW !!!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The album “Out Of One's Mind” sees the Prisoners Of Technology escape their cage of genre stereotyping by the narrow-minded !!! This alternative album ventures far away from P.O.T’s usual dance floor drum and bass bangers but instead it takes you on an alternative journey through TMS 1’s studio downtime stretching over many many years, where the tunes just flow freely and without any boundaries. Just sit back, relax and this album will soon become like an old best friend every time you revisit it. P.O.T will soon be back, producing those drum and bass bangers once again, but for now, just enjoy the sound of freedom for your ears and also your mind. ......... its time to break free !!!

Click the album cover below for full track listings and to check out the tracks for yourself <3

also available from all major download stores ......

Listen on iTunes (click here to listen)

Listen on Spotify (click here to listen)

Listen to the whole album on Youtube (click here to listen)

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